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Episode 1: Georgia Can Wait

Ade knows her days in Oakland are numbered. Cat hatches a plan to help her stay.

Episode 2: Bakesale Betty

Cat struggles with cutting her coat according to her size. Ade is alarmed by their financial situation and getting a little desperate.

Episode 3: Black Girl

Ade tries to make a black friend. Cat feels abandoned.

Episode 4: Kids

Ade struggles with her new occupation. Cat struggles with her chosen vocation.

Episode 5: Workshop

Cat's writing workshop goes terribly awry. Ade finally gets some good news.

Episode 6: Mountain View

Ade's boss is a terrible communicator and Ade has to deal with the fall-out. Cat can't seem to get it together.

Episode 7a: The Beginning of the End

Things come to a head at work for Ade. Cat has to deal with some terrible consequences.

Episode 8: Not Quite Rock Bottom

Cat and Ade have been missing some vital details all along and it's about to turn their worlds upside down.

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